EuropeDental offers services in up to 150 dental areas with a medical professional of 370 employees.

We consist of a chain of dental clinics with around 7 polyclinics for oral and dental health, 4 centers for oral and dental health and a laboratory. EuropeDental thus has a total of 12 health facilities.

Our quality policy:

With the awareness of being a dental health center with international standards, we create a corporate culture based on the participation of all employees. Our first basic philosophy focuses on using the latest and most modern technologies according to the conditions of the country. The execution of the offered services are carried out with a smiling face, understanding (of the people), and in compliance with the rights of the patients, in order to achieve optimal oral and dental health for you.

Our tasks:

EuropeDental has an innovative and creative identity, has a strong awareness of social responsibility and is primarily patient-oriented. Human-friendly work, environmental sensitivity and attention to the latest scientific and technological developments worldwide are among the essential characteristics of EuropeDental. For us, the safety of patients and employees is therefore our top priority.

Our staff are experts in their fields, supported by in-house training, and provide high quality, effective and efficient healthcare services to patients from across the country and abroad.

EuropeDental aims to be one of the best healthcare facilities in the country in the field of oral and dental health diagnostics and treatments by staying up to date with global developments.


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