What is digital dentistry ?

Complete your treatment at “Europe Dental Clinics” on the same day with innovative solutions!

Use the fast and effective solutions of digital dentistry to achieve a quick solution in dental aesthetics and treatment.

Use the CAD / CAM precision imaging system and computer programs to design the fully compatible treatment for your teeth together with your doctor and receive the result on the same day!

Design of the aesthetic smile (smile design)

Design your smile with technology! “
Together with your doctor, choose the best for a smile that is aesthetically pleasing, radiant and perfectly matched to your face from every point of view. With the DSD procedure, which brings together technology and expertise, you can anticipate the results of your treatment and get on with it. Together with your specialist, prefer the DSD procedure, with which you can achieve a short-term result exactly as you want and laugh unhindered with your aesthetic-looking and healthy teeth.


“Think of all the details for a perfect smile!”

All details on the mouth and teeth are important for a flawless appearance. In the Hollywood Smile process, every detail is taken into account for an aesthetic smile. With our specialists, you will reach the perfection for a Hollywood smile, in which more than one component, such as the position of the teeth, the symmetry, the vision and health of the gums, the posture and width of the lips, are assessed together.