What is the pink aesthetic?
In modern times, the pink aesthetic has begun to be one of the most common surgical methods in the field of tooth and gum disease. The pink aesthetic is a surgical method of getting rid of problems with teeth and gums. This treatment makes it possible to get rid of gum defects instantly. Aesthetic dentistry is not limited to creating beautiful teeth, the appearance and health of the gums are just as important.
With minimally invasive interventions, we can restore healthy and beautiful gums. At Europadental, we strive to provide our patients with the best medical solution for their problem. In people with gum problems or disorders, the gums appear very clearly with an open smile and the result is an unpleasant appearance. Not only the aesthetics are improved, but your self-esteem is also increased.

Treatment process:
The surgical operation of the pink aesthetic usually takes only 15 minutes. Timely treatment depends on the condition of the gums. It also prevents tooth decay. The choice of treatment options in terms of pink aesthetics ranges from thorough cleaning of the teeth to various surgical interventions. In what is known as bone (re) modeling, the bone is shaped in such a way that the gums are healthy and tight against the bones and teeth after the treatment is complete. In other cases, for example when the gums recede and long tooth necks become visible, this defect can be “repaired” by introducing transplanted connective tissue and the gums can be modeled in this way. In cases where this is not possible, artificial gums made of soft plastic come into consideration: It is worked into the oral cavity so perfectly that it covers the affected areas precisely.