Meet the Perfect Smile Design! How to Make Hollywood Smile?

When talking to someone in our daily life, we first look at the teeth of the other person. Having clean and aesthetic teeth is very important to impress the person in front of us. Hollywood Smile, that is, smile aesthetics, creates a more interesting, clean and healthy appearance in the mouth. Have harmonious and white teeth with this smile design, which is known as the Hollywood smile.

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Impress Everyone with Hollywood Smile!

So what is the hollywood smile? This smile design, specially designed for you, combines health and aesthetics, allowing you to have a brand new look. With Hollywood Smile, firstly, the gender, then the facial features, age, alignment and color of the teeth, the structure of the lips and gums of the people who will have dental aesthetics are checked. Looking at the face shape of the people who will have a Hollywood smile gives information about which form the teeth should be chosen. Thus, the person who will have a smile aesthetic will have a perfect appearance.

There are three forms of the Hollywood smile that can be made. With an attractive smile, it is aimed to give a younger appearance by restoring the front teeth, which are worn and shortened over time, to their old structure. With an intellectual smile, the aim is giving the person a mature look. In this dental aesthetic process, the lengths of the teeth are equalized. With the sporty smile design, the middle teeth are slightly extended from the lateral incisors, thus giving the person a sincere and warm expression.

What is a Hollywood smile, how to make a Hollywood smile, let’s take a closer look…

How to Make Hollywood Smile?

Having white teeth is not always enough. The appearance of crooked and variable teeth also creates problems. With this aesthetic smile design, which combines dentistry and art, the shape and symmetry disorders in the teeth are eliminated, and the treatment of decayed, worn and discolored teeth is performed. When we talk about how to make a Hollywood smile, we get to design the ideal smile.

Getting A Perfect Smile Is Actually Easy!

With Hollywood Smile, it is much easier to renew and have an aesthetic appearance for those who are bothered by excessively visible gums or who are bored with the appearance of their teeth. Thin ceramics to be adhered only on the teeth not only allow you to have aesthetic teeth, but also protect the tooth surfaces from effects such as breakage, decay and abrasion.

To made Hollywood Smile porcelain or composite laminate is used. With the smile design, an aesthetic tooth appearance is gained. For those who decide on a laminate for a Hollywood smile, the following steps are followed:

  • First of all, the tooth and jaw structure is revealed and a model is created for the teeth.
  • The ideal tooth form is created by the computer.
  • Tooth prototypes are created in line with the received data.
  • Prototypes are attached to the teeth of the person and it is checked how the teeth stand. The person who is satisfied with these prototypes is completed with real teeth in 7-10 days.
  • After you have these procedures done, you will have a beautiful smile that will look like Hollywood stars.

It’s in Your Hands to Look Like Hollywood Stars!

With the developed technology in recent years, it has been possible to achieve the look we want. Especially smile design spread all over the world when Hollywood stars started to have it done. Many of celebrities in Turkey get aesthetic teeth with the Hollywood Smile method. The Hollywood smile gives the person a completely aesthetic smile.

Get a Perfect Appearance to Support Your Smile, Make a Difference

Dentists offer some suggestions to make your look perfect, as well as a Hollywood smile that will add charm to you. You can freely create your look with lip augmentation operations that will support your smile, trendy haircuts and skin care.

If you are uncomfortable with your appearance, if you want to recreate yourself, make an appointment with the nearest dentist and start changing with Hollywood smile aesthetic tooth design. Changing yourself will make you feel good, you will wake up to happier days.



The ‘Hollywood smile’ is associated with those perfect pearly whites flashed by celebrities. We see them planted all over magazines and TV – and it doesn’t take us long to realise that a sparkling set of pearly whites are often the secret behind a winning smile, not to mention those Hollywood good looks. Getting the perfect smile doesn’t just stop there though. Reducing gaps between teeth, encouraging whiter and brighter smiles and other dazzling differences all contribute to giving you that Hollywood beam.


How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

Since there are different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures which have their own specified charge, the exact price of any cosmetic dentistry varies violently.

Is the Hollywood smile procedure safe?

Yes, the Hollywood smile procedure is completely safe and secure.

Is a Hollywood smile procedure’s result permanent?

Although the result can last for 5-15 years, a replacement procedure will keep the satisfying result for patients.

Is getting a Hollywood smile procedure worth it?

Absolutely. Getting a Hollywood smile will have its best value if it has been delivered by a qualified surgeon who is benefiting from the most advanced tools in high-tech clinics.

How much does a Hollywood smile cost?

The global average cost of a Hollywood smile procedure is not expensive. However, patients can receive the highest quality Hollywood smile at afordable prices from Europe Dental Clinics.

How does dentists do the Hollywood smile procedure?

Throughout a Hollywood smile procedure, the dentist will inject a dental anesthetic at first, and then he\she will withdraw nearly 0.5 mm from the frontal surface of the tooth and send them to the laboratory, where the veneer will be developed. Then the dentist will fix the veneers to arrange them in shape with your tooth. After the surgeon inferred that the veneers are matched to your teeth, the implantation will begin, as the final step.

Where can I get a Hollywood smile?

Europe Dental Clinics is providing its international customers with world-class Hollywood smile packages at the most economical cost. The amount of our patients’ satisfaction is so high that made Europe Dental Clinic famous in the world for its high quality medical services. You can book a Hollywood smile package via Europe Dental Clinics.

Is there an age limit for getting a Hollywood smile procedure?

There is no specific age limit for patients who want a Hollywood smile, yet dentists recommend this procedure under-18 patient to wait.

Can a Hollywood smile procedure whiten my teeth?

Yes, absolutely. The main goal of receiving this cosmetic treatment by patients is to whiten their teeth. An efficient Hollywood smile procedure should whiten the patients’ teeth to their most extent.